In this first Episode of "Blue Collar Politics" I talk about in a simple way how we as Western Christian men share a common struggle and why a paradigm shift must occur regarding identity change before we can ever attempt a defense against those that hate us. The fallacy of book knowledge alone leads to epistemological dead ends and people who are unable to take action. There is a spiritual factor, a divine factor that has ever been present with us that is now lost. Why? Listen now

Upcoming episodes include:

1. My Struggle & Why Traditional Men fight Modernism.
2. Blue Collar Theology - The real reason why the Catholic Church is diminished and how to understand the elect.
3. Blue Collar Politics - What is Code Name Zorro, who the Mafia said killed Martin Luther King Jr & why I wrote a story about his assassination.
4. Blue Collar Theology - Why Catholicism is right and everything else is wrong, including Pagan presuppositions.
5. Blue Collar Politics - The nature of Power and what we can learn from the Mafia & what we can learn from Payola.
6. Blue Collar Philosophy - The Fallacy of objective reasoning .
7. Blue Collar Theology - How Hate is a form of Love.
8. Blue Collar Philosophy - The Myth of IQ and why it's modern interpretation is anti Catholic.
9. Blue Collar Politics - The Myth of the Utopian McGuffin.
10. Blue Collar Politics - Western men in "Fortress Mode" while under attack is suicide.
11. Blue Collar Politics - What is the Mafia and what it isn't and why it is so similar to Medellin? 12. Blue Collar Philosophy - Why Communism isn't compatible with Christianity.
13. Blue Collar Philosophy - If we came from monkey's and apes then why not be a criminal? And why evolution is anti Catholic.
14. Blue Collar Politics - Queensryche, MK Ultra and how the Intelligence Community reinvents itself.
15. Who am I and how did I get in front of so many members of the Mafia?
16. Blue Collar Politics - Created false dialectics.
17 . Blue Collar Politics - How politics is downstream from culture and what comes before culture.
18. Blue Collar Politics - Why conservatives aren't conserving anything and what is natural philosophy?
19. Blue Collar Theology - Why St Peter didn't need a large library or sticky notes & the how books aren't an appeal to reason.
20. Blue Collar Politics - How circles of power work and why there are two sets of rules in modern politics.
21. Blue Collar Theology - Why converting to Orthodox Christianity contributes to the problems in the west and the rest of the Christian world.

#Theology #Politics #Philosophy #Mafia #Catholic #Christian Music credits include - music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio Transmission by Stanley Gurvich - Artlist