Anti-Empire — Stifled by Facebook

Owing to 12-hour shifts and being among the first sites to offer dissent on COVID lockdowns and finding and presenting greats like Ioannidis, Bhakdi, and Bhattacharya last spring this site regularly went semi-viral on Facebook (despite already having its pages partially stifled at the time). As a result, it saw over 130,000 visits from Facebook in April 2020.
This was noticed and could not be allowed to stand so the site (or its pages) were stifled further. Where the previous baseline of page views from Facebook had been 50,000 a month, it now became just 16,000 a month, and gradually just 8,000 a month.[caption id="attachment_44959" align="alignnone" width="550"]
Before March 2019 the site wasn't a full-time project. The October 2019 200K spike was due to a single viral article. The July-August 2019 low-point was due to traveling and not being able to post to FB.[/caption]
The only time before visits from Facebook had been this low was in July and August 2019 when I was traveling and overwhelmed and did not publish links to Facebook at all.
In other words, this site now receives fewer views from Facebook than when it was not even posting to Facebook. This after it had proved itself very popular on the platform, despite an already existing throttling.
So then the price of dissent on COVID lockdowns has been to be just about removed from Facebook.
 The Anti-Empire Facebook page has 9000 followers, the Checkpoint Asia page has 29000, the Russia Insider page that the former employer lets me use to this day has 245000. If I link an Anti-Empire article on all three it will appear in the feeds of about 2000 people if I'm lucky (500 if I'm not). (That's about 0.7% to 0.2% of the combined followers.) 
I found software that posts to FB automatically and this is why AE articles will keep being reposted there, otherwise I would no longer bother.