We were born in a family and community rooted deep in Catholic tradition (1 Tim. 4:1-3). All other religious endeavors were mere protestant attempts which should be shunned and destroyed. It was understood that we were members of the one true "holy mother Church." And that Peter the apostle was the 1st RCP. For through succession our "priests" were our "holy fathers." The Bible was given by the "holy mother Church" and was not the end all says all of religious authority.

This all began to change upon further honest seeking investigation (Mt. 7:7). Questioning the questionable practices. It became clear that we had been lied to about religion for millennia. The Bible revealed the truth that set us free from the bondage of Catechism and the eternal punishment that awaited us if we remained loyal to the apostasy. Today my parents, brother and myself have been made Christians through gospel obedience. Not Catholics.