The Silent Children film never materialized, it aimed to expose child sex trafficking worldwide. During my research on the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I have encountered many theories. Some are false leads, disinformation traps, or even facts spoken by those falsely claiming they were there. That's why I'm here, to clear the air regarding The Silent Children documentary with all the facts. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much), "The Silent Children" official website has been taken down and is now "under construction."

That's linked to me questioning Paul Myhill and the Reuters article claiming all these people killed themselves. Paul contacted the film's crew over my piece and had a public freak-out. According to Paul – Chris and Chester were NEVER involved with the project. As for my knowledge of where the rumor originated from, it originated online around late 2018. Enty Lawyer from CDaN and Gabe Hoffman from An Open Secret are responsible for the firsts posts in that direction. Jamie Dlux, Mr. Self Destruct, and I made the rumor popular with videos on social media.

As you probably know, Gabe Hoffman is a snake, he is responsible for ruining my podcast on Patreon. Plus he is involved in disinformation campaigns against Isaac Kappy, Fiona Barnett, Pizzagate, and others. At the same time, I was friends with Enty for a while, knowing well he could be compromised by Gabe, I decided to keep digging. Sadly, Gabe might be blackmailing Enty to push these narratives, and I got caught in the crossfire. ON THIS DELIVERY, I go over the rest of the Silent Children crew, including the links between director Dean Karr, and the shady man who started the rumor, Mossad operative Gabe Hoffman.