My apologies are in order for going a bit dark over the winter. Without going into unnecessary details, I was struggling with some personal health issues that were difficult but not dangerous. That, in addition to my job as second teacher to my boys while school is still online-only here in Beaverton meant that I had to pause development work Etherkit for a bit. Now that things are mostly better, I'm back to proceeding with plans.

As you can see below, I have reformed my business from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company in Oregon. I have still retained my assumed business name of "Etherkit", so I'll still be publicly identifying as such. I've reorganized because I intend to make a more serious push into manufacturing by developing more new products and the capability for me to do more mid-scale manufacturing from here. In that vein I've already acquired some new equipment and will be investing in even more soon.

The current plan here is still similar to what I posted late last year: invest some time in the large backlog of issues for my libraries on GitHub, finish OpenBeacon 2 and bring it to market, and then release some other breakout boards and such which have been in the hopper for a while waiting for a final release to manufacturing. I will have more actual news to report soon. Thank you!