I may be doing some restructuring for my Subscribestar. Changes will not go through until 2021.

I'm going to be reducing my Subscribestar to a donation option for people that follow me on Twatter, Minds, and other media like Youtube and Bitchute. Although with Youtube pushing the "you" out of what made it what it is and not what its becoming, I may just be using Bitchute and alternatives from now on.

Another reason, aside from music, I'm considering getting into the indie comic scene (if you heard of Jawbreakers, Cyberfrog, or Blade Devil, you know what I'm talking that referred to as comicsgate? Well anyway)

And the 3rd reason, well payment processors have been getting messed with to the point that if I wanted to do anything controversial or draw anything that's WORTH looking at (that isn't calarts crap, perhaps I want to do rated M stuff like hentai or something), then I'm not eligible for this or that on the mainstream platforms (which are becoming more like puritan publishers). I can't livestream like RagngGoldenEagle and depend on superchats, I'm not eligible for the youtube partnership with how small my channel is, and they've been stealing ad money anyway. 

What does this mean? Well for the time being, there won't be Subscribestar exclusives, but if I should become successful, perhaps I find a "rhythm" where I conistently provide content and someone finally donates or subs here, then I may consider bringing back exclusives, depending on what they are. Early access to music, videos, maybe a preview of a project before it launches, like comics?

I may have a day job now (yes a real one, I work at BK now), but it can't hurt to try make some extra change doing what you love, which even if no one donates, that won't stop me, even in these difficult times with "Corona Chan" being used to suppress the freedoms of people by power hungry governments.

Stay safe, I SHALL RETURN (well, always been here just, not active enough I suppose... follow me on Twatter, Minds, Bitchute and Youtube)

See ya!