Today could be the day! I am at 976 subscribers as of 6:30 AM Eastern. Today may well be the day I hit the 1,000 subscriber mark! If at all possible I will try to go live when I near the big number but today is a busy day with appointments and physical therapy. Thank you for checking out this page, I'm not advertising it much really, but soon.

[Who will be the FIRST to SHARE to this? I can say the first person to share this on social media  (and message me ON DISCORD (free) with link showing it) will get a free* gift from me. (Free if you don't mind sending me your address and shipping is less than $50 USD, which I imagine it would be for most of the world.)  I will update once this is claimed, but there is a small chance even if you do share you will not be first. I apologize and will do my best to update ASAP.  (Claimed)

There will be a second free gift (the same thing) to the first person to actually subscribe to me on Subscribe Star! (I will of course need your address as well.) If you are first to comment and subscribe you'll get two... One for you and one for a friend or family... or you can pick another user for me to send it to. Your choice.  (Claimed)