This week we have an episode coming out, but there's nothing in the can after that.  I've found myself hitting a wall of sorts.  This isn't out of the norm for me; I've had it in the past with my old YouTube channel as well as with FiLTHY FARM.  With FiLTHY FARM it has normally been because I didn't think I could keep making the show as funny as it is, but somehow we manage to keep the train going and I find each new episode funnier then the previous.  This time it's a little different, because we have plenty of ideas for episodes that I think are really funny, but I feel a bit burned out.

I love the editing process, I really do, but the filming aspect can become tiresome at times.  On top of that I really want to spend more time with my friends and family.  I recently picked up a new board game called King's Dilemma that I'm REALLY looking forward to playing with them.

This isn't the end of FiLTHY FARM, for god sakes I'd be nuts to stop now.  I'm just letting you know there might not be an episode every week until we get back on track with stuff.  I feel I owe you guys of all people the respect of telling you in advance before questions start to be raised with what's going on.

Bigby Lupo recently became a member of our FiLTHY FRiENDS and he will be seeing his name appear in the upcoming episode that is actually rendering as we speak.