Expanding Into the Future...

Stunning heirloom beans grown here at our farm.

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! We are now on Subscribe Star, a free speech blogging platform where subscribers can sign up for as little as $1 per month! We will be blogging there more frequently on all things Schooner Creek Farm, including food preservation, projects on the homestead, gardening info, animal husbandry, and more. 
As you know, the last (almost) two years have been very difficult and traumatic- downright devastating to our family and our business. However, we are more motivated than ever before to keep marching forward in our rubber boots, onward to the garden beds- slinging hay and sowing seeds for the future. We will continue to grow our business despite the unforeseen and undeserved damages that have stymied us recently. 
We have many exciting goals for the coming years such as expanding our offerings and delivering to surrounding cities, being able to hire a couple of people at a living wage, offering hands-on workshops, apprenticeship programs, seeds for sale and even granting produce baskets to low- income families in our community. If you feel called to support these goals financially, Subscribe Star is a great way to do so.