I'm going to be mirroring some of my videos from youtube onto Bitchute and Dtube. New stuff though will be posted here first before going live for the masses. I received advice from a friend that I should raise prices on tiers to add value.
However, I posted the 1 and 2 dollar tiers because I wanted to provide options for budget conscious fans (and I'm also aware that the economy is being rigged by companies going woke and trying to manipulate where we spend income and getting offended when we spend it where they don't want it to the point of closing accounts or adhering to the toxic minority).
But I'm not going to increase prices on the first two tiers. I will instead add more tiers and see where this goes (mind you, the new tiers will share the same perks as the 2 Dollar as they'll serve the purpose giving the option of giving more monthly to small creators like myself should any fans feel like it).
I'm still learning as I build this, as I used to have to depend on ad revenue for the few cents I was given on youtube, before I was demonetized when they rolled out the monetization requirements that small channels couldn't keep up with. For those willing to subscribe or donate, much appreaciation and I thank you!