Hello, friends. This is The Osseophile speaking.

Over the past few years, I've grown increasingly concerned about the polarization of our culture. It's something that's of great personal distress for me, and I want to play my little bit in trying to be a voice of calm, among many voices of calm, who would rather focus on forming bonds and building friendships than tearing them down.

As such, I’m not very interested in talking about current events or politics due to the divisive nature of the present climate. There are more than enough channels out there that already do that, and do a better job of it than I ever could. 

Instead, it's my wish to create a tranquil little hub in the middle of a storm that people can seek shelter in and unwind a few times a week. In short, at a time when most content on the internet is either nihilistic or cynical, I wanna create content that's life-affirming. 

On my channel, I discuss art, entertainment, and life in general. You will not find any news sensationalism or hot takes on the culture war or YouTube drama here. I want to build a community that's focused on kinship, and other classical values of basic human decency; something that sadly appears to be lacking in the information age.

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