Monica Petersen died on November 13th, 2016, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. She was an activist focused on exposing human trafficking and had been living on the island for a few months. After graduation, Monica worked at the Human Trafficking Center as a Research Fellow and the Director’s Assistant. The director at the time was her professor and former Dyncorp employee with links to the deep state, Claude D’estrée. Monica worked with the Social Wellness Advocacy Network and the Data and Research Task Force of the Governor’s Colorado Human Trafficking Council.

Monica moved to Haiti in September 2016 to teach and set up an NGO. She was found dead by hanging, and her death incorrectly ruled a suicide. As the Pizzagate frenzy roared online, researchers on Reddit and VOAT quickly linked her death to the Clintons. She was in Haiti after all, the base of operations for the humanitarian crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation. The facts surrounding her death are not compatible with suicide, and her family believes there’s no way she killed herself. I interview her family, friends, coworkers, and even those involved with her boyfriend, Mike Williams.

Yes, there was a boyfriend, and surprisingly this was never reported by anyone else before me. Mike’s behavior indicates he had previous knowledge of her death, and his associates are suspect. Mike had lots of connections in the drug and prostitution underworld, which Monica used for her research. There are also rumors Monica had been in contact with musician Chris Cornell, who was murdered months later, also a staged suicide by hanging. ON THIS DELIVERY, I present to you a deep dive on Monica’s thesis regarding the Clinton corruption in Haiti, plus a statement from Mike’s best friend.