Animal Crossing: GET MARSHAL!

Finally, the answer to unlock Marshal has been discovered. 
It took almost 2 weeks to achieve.

✨ If you are at a high level in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp chances are you've already unlocked Chrissy, Francine, Bob, and Bree! Those are the four you will need to bring Marshal to your camp. 

✨ This GUIDE is only for those you have not yet unlocked him. 

The task ain't easy but it is rewarding: Bringing Villager Marshal to you! Just in time to collect those Reissue Materials maps.

Event: Ended 😱 Reissue Materials Event Part II ~ Coming Soon!
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp How to Unlock Marshal!

Who's at My Campsite? to bring Marshal you will need:

Bob • Francine • Chrissy • Bree • at your Campsite! 

Next step is to Level-Up! and that's all!
You will have a greater chance of drawing Marshal.

Make sure to only craft the Sloppy table (2hr) with Leaf Tickets to excel to the next Homeroom and complete more normal classes.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Unlock Marshal! A ☆ Subscribe Star - EXCLUSIVE.