Magazine updates:

Firstly, big thank you to contributors so far, as we have a growing pile of submissions for the first edition! Big, big thank you!

Secondly, while we initially put the final date for 1st ed. submissions on the 24th of May, due to an unforeseen complication with the artwork for the cover, we've decided to delay the launch another month. This wasn't what we had planned at the beginning of May, and while we're still very eager to launch (especially with all of the submissions we've received), we've decided to give the artist more time to finish her work while she recovers.

Thirdly, we didn't receive the grant funding as we had planned. While we thought we had a fairly good case, a budgetary oversight on our part caused the application to be denied, in short, it wasn't extensive enough for their satisfaction in terms of costings.

Finally, the big day of release is going to be the new financial year, the 1st of July. The July Edition will be our first official release. This is preferable for several reasons:
  • the aforementioned delay with the cover art
  • the National Library is upgrading its systems, and gaining an ISSN will be possible again after 30th May
  • gives artists some more time to write and create
  • gives me time to properly set all the appropriate templates, considering my own obligations

So, let me thank everyone for coming along, and once we have published content I hope to see support for our venture!