Hello, welcome to my SubscribeStar version. This is a post explaining what you will get for being an Early Access subscriber for my writings.

First, you will have access to the latest chapter of my writing, hot off the press. You will be roughly a week ahead of everyone else. Second, you will get to see some WIP screenshots of my writing:

This is the first few paragraphs for Chapter 205. Subscribers will get a bigger chunk of the chapters.

You'll also get prototype designs and assorted background stuff like this little thing:

I may or may not post the prototypes on my public art blog. I may go back and further refine the designs, or decide that it's too rough to post. But, subscribers will always get to see the hatchling stages.

It also involves snapshots of how we kept track of this massive world. Like a calendar spreadsheet for example. How this will be distributed is yet to be decided.

First time subscribers will also get a 50% coupon of my original novel Crafting the Sun on Smashwords.

That's about it so far. If all these interest you, please subscribe to my platform!

Thank you very much for your time.