My name is Alessandro, and I was a volunteer with the International Tribunal of Natural Justice in 2018. I felt disenfranchised after Fiona Barnett, an Australian SRA survivor, was sabotaged by the organization. Shortly after I quit the organization and despite being there for four months only it was enough for me to “notice things.” Half of this podcast aims to explain my journey and how I came to this calling. I explain how I enrolled with the ITNJ, why, and how. Most importantly, I expose the reasons why I quit. I hope I don’t bore you with my pesky details.

I came out as a whistleblower against the ITNJ in August 2019 during an interview with Sarah Westall. My desire for anonymity got trumped anyway when Antonia Vassiliades doxed me. Also, I felt the right way to do this is by showing my face, especially when coming out to denounce the ITNJ. When I learned what Sacha Stone and cronies did to Kevin Annett and Katherine Horton, it was a no-brainer. Add that to the testimonies folks sent me who were wronged by Sacha Stone. I had to do something. Sadly YouTube banned Sarah and our interviews.

Consider this chapter as an introduction to what’s wrong with the ITNJ on the surface. I have testimonies denouncing Sacha not only as a criminal involved in fraud, money laundering, and being the poster boy for bullshit. Accusations of human trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, possession of child pornography included. ON THIS DELIVERY, I present myself as I expose part of what’s wrong with the ITNJ. My testimony complements with the exposé of the former US director of the organization, Rebecca Cope.