New year means "new year resolutions", which I have for my private life, my Ko-fi/Twitter life, and my SubscribeStar life! 
My SS resolution is to be more active and produce more content (obviously) with plans for:
  •  1 short sexy comic a month (at least 2-5 panels)
  • Multiple sexy sketches every month (how many depends on requests and what I'm into at the time of drawing)
  • 2-3 sexy fanart pieces every month

I also slightly revamped the tiers and rewards again, leaving 3 options instead of however many I had last year.
"E" for Everyone Following is just basic free content for all my followers, usually update posts and sneak peeks of the paid tiers.
"T" for Too Sexy will mostly contain pin-up style pictures, pieces that feature 80% nudity (bare chests and maybe butt shots, but no genitals) and sexually implied content, and sketches. Some content will be lightly censored.
"M" for Mature will be everything else from 100% nudity, more sexualized pin-ups based on the lower tier content, sexy comics, sexy sketches, and no censorship in sight. You must be 18 and older to view this content, and those who are not of age will be blacklisted.

You can still support my SFW content on 
or my public works on Twitter: