Doug Ford has done exactly what we knew that he would do but we all prayed that he would not do. He has lied to the public and told us that 900 people having the flu is important enough and detrimental enough to shut down the province for a second time.
900 Cases?

A case simply means somebody who has a cough or a headache. A case is a broad definition that does not mean that you actually have COVID-19 it just means that maybe you do and that they are looking for some kind of a way to shut things down further.
Most of you will be afraid of his measures and almost all of you will comply. I will not and I will not let you tell me that I must.
Here is what #DougFord has closed down:
Restaurants closed
Gyms will be closed
Family Fun Centers
Cinemas will be closed
Museums will be closed
Mall foodcourts closed
Schools Open - This is a deliberate attack on our economy. Who got to him?
Only in 5 cities? #pandemic

Doug Ford is proven to all of us that he is absolutely unfit for the job and unqualified to lead anyone and anything other than destruction. Do what you will #Ontario, but just remember I warned you three years ago this was going to happen and you ignored me. Reap what you sow!