Anthony Bourdain was murdered on June 8, 2018, in Haut-Rhin, France. He was more than a famous chef turned writer, he became a household name and a cultural icon. He is mostly known as the host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” and “No Reservations.” Anthony was ruthless on social media, often going after criminals with a sharp tongue and relentless sarcasm. His TV show made emphasis in showing the tragedies of war and genocide, especially when visiting violence-afflicted nations.

Just like in the cases of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, Anthony’s significant other is suspect. The actress Asia Argento is said to have previous knowledge of the murder. That’s why she forced her alibi by appearing in public with another man, hours before the tragedy. Argento also was guilty of engaging in sex with a minor when she was 28 years old, and Anthony was blackmailed to pay-off the victim. It’s very likely the murder was a concerted effort by many criminals, including the Clintons, Adam Schiff, Henry Kissinger, and Israel’s Mossad.

Sadly, the last man to see Anthony alive and the one who found him is also suspect. Renowned chef Eric Rippert was staying at the hotel to record Parts Unknown with Anthony. It’s also rumored Anthony was researching his fellow chefs who are involved in pedophilia and cannibalism. One of the chefs Anthony had his sight on is Mario Batali, accused of rape at his restaurant in New York. Some believe Anthony was corrupt due to his occultic Instagram images, but he was an infiltrator working for disclosure.

ON THIS DELIVERY, I expose the coding present in Anthony's meal with Barack Obama. I go through his rants against the Clintons, Henry Kissinger, and what he witnessed at Le Chateau Marmont. Also, I discuss the Silent Children documentary.