"Joe Biden Sings a Little Ditty"

Clocking in at 1:50, this musical meme is a perfect demonstration of why Joe Biden is only allowed to play music from his cell phone. When I started production, I thought it would only take around 4-6 hours; the later scenes where Kamala, BLM and Antifa chase the crowd out ended up taking much longer than I thought due to their intermingling with others, which required a lot of rotobrushing and layering to get the proper perspective.

The final product ending up taking approximately 16 hours to make (though 2 hours were wasted on a cameo that ended up being cut and another 2 on upgrading from circle heads to spheres, so it should have been ~12 hours). There was some extremely tedious masking of the microphone required through most of the Biden scenes, but it was also a good learning experience for rotobrushing layers to integrate characters as mentioned previously.

All in all, it turned out much better than I expected thanks to some upgraded techniques.