Why You Should Donate, What This Work Needs to Become and Where To Go From Here

Phase A: Foundational 
Phase B: Educational
Phase C: Outreach
Phase D: Advocacy
First let me thank everyone who has donated in my aid recently weather it was through subscribestar, venmo or the youtubers who volunteered their time without benefit to themselves to hold a fundraiser for me. The amount of support I have received from both those of you who have donated money and those of you who have been with me in spirit during this time of mine has lit a fire under me to continue my work as best I can. I don't have much in this world other than my commitment to this ideology and movement. The last thing I ever wanted to be was a charity case. When people donate to me they are donating to my work and here I would like to outline for you what that work is. 
As you know I do educational videos from a sociological psychological perspective on third position. Primarily I am concerned with it's modern application in the lives of people to benefit them. This is a much larger mission than it first appears and it encompasses a wide variety of fields. My area of expertise has a high overlap with a lot of others. This doesn't mean that I am an expert in these other fields, but that it requires very minimal research for me to achieve an understanding of the stresses in the lives of various different types of workers, students and others who suffer under the current system. I believe this platform has the potential to branch out into helping a lot more people than it is and by that I also mean, so do you and I.
How do we do this ? 
Well for starters as we said the main tool I have at my disposal is video creation, so what types of videos can we make ? 
I view my writing style for every video script to be the most laconic it can be meaning the most amount of information in the least amount of time. This style being in line with the original spirit of the philosophy we support. When communicating our information it should be done so in a way where a busy worker who only has an hour of free time a day or a busy military officer has the time to digest it.
The first phase of my work your already familiar with which is using the core of our philosophy to show people a general overview of how they can be benefited by it in all aspects of life. This is what I refer to as “Phase A: Foundational”. The only two videos left for me to do for Phase A are “Heroism” which is the video which already has it's script written and “Love” which has yet to be written. This is what was put on hold due to my current financial issues, but once finished it creates a FULL introductory class into our philosophy and way of life. If we are able to get to half of our monetary goal meaning 475$ a month or if events occur for me to get more free time on my hands than I can continue this series in smaller cut up parts (Heroism Pt.1, Heroism Pt.2, etc) each about 5 – 10min long as that is what would be doable for me at that income level from this work. 
Phase B is a secondary class that will go more in depth into each of the issues talked about in Phase A. This is what I refer to as “Phase B: Educational”. Its subject matter writes itself as the subjects brushed over in Phase A are our outline for the Phase B videos. 
Phase C is where we will need to be able to raise an actual semi-livable wage (the full financial goal of 950$) level of funds which will allow me to be able put in all day effort to seeking out others for interviews. These will not always be big names in our movement in fact it will focus more on interviewing people who are janitors, lawyers, police and garbage men. Phase C is about educating myself and others on the deep and complex stresses of everyday workers, so that I and others can come up with solutions through third position to show each of them how their lives can be benefited by third position. This is what I call “Phase C: Outreach”. This phase will be run alongside “Phase D: Advocacy” in which we (not me, but we) pool our contacts, life experiences, knowledge and everyone we have ever met to use what we've learned from Phase C to get each of the people we know to advocate for local policies (if not at the government level than at the business level as a worker!) which will aid even if only slightly in bringing about the kinds of reforms we want to see in our countries. Phases C and D accomplish two goals both furthering our philosophy's goals in terms of the reforms it wants to see and showing without a doubt an image of positive help and growth that people will have no choice but to associate with us and our ideology. 
As always I will be respecting the reality of the economic situations we all find ourselves in, so the donation options will still never go above 9$ a month per person, so if you could get the word out that would be wonderful.
Other than this there is one more incredibly important goal that you help accomplish through making these projects a reality. You lead by example by participating in the power dynamics that would exist in a company run by those of our philosophy. By the workers for the workers. In this business I am a CEO that YOU get to control. You decide weather I have the money to continue to do the work or not. You as a patron and worker are the one who is prioritized and while I will function as the CEO or perhaps a treasurer of the company you will be the ones who decide weather this work lives or dies. That power is in your hand and I am at your mercy the same way a CEO of a company in the society we want to see is at the mercy of his workers who if he does not treat with respect and with honor the workers will survive and he will face heavy penalties. 
Thank you all for hearing me out and fighting by my side. This fight means everything to me and I honestly couldn't imagine dedicating myself to anything else. 
Thank you to those who have supported me: 
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