This morning my profile was approved so I'm posting my first message to bring you up-to-date with the current state of gaming in the Captain Frandad bubble.

At the moment my current game playing includes Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV); No Man's Sky (NMS); Ghost of Tsushima (GoT); and Grounded (Game Preview version). I'd welcome feedback on which of these should be the subject of my next series of videos as I'm a bit undecided at present.

Of these games I think GoT is my current favourite and has some very emotional storylines in it. FFXIV also has some very good story lines, but I've not felt the same emotional pull I get from GoT. I know there is currently some gaming rage in the form of a battle between fans of Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2), but from what I've seen and read of TLOU2 it won't be a game I'll be buying: I don't want to play a game that seems to be deliberately designed to make its players miserable and uncomfortable, which seems to be a big reaction to that game so far.  So, I won't be getting involved in the GoT v TLOU2 debate. No thanks.

For the "Plus 1" series, Hulkie and I are gradually working our way through the dungeons in Minecraft Dungeons. We already have Soggy Swamp done and uploaded, and I'm editing Pumpkin Pastures with a view to releasing w/c 17.08.20 - subscribers will get three days early access to the video.

Whilst I'm here, can I draw your attention to part 10 of my Stellaris series Although this is the final video in the series and will therefore give some spoilers for earlier videos in the series, it is the one that I have fully and properly narrated, and I would welcome feedback on whether that style is one I should use more often going forward.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks again. 

Captain Frandad, 10th August 2020.