I've been very fortunate to be able to collaboratively create podcasts for our community's little niche of the internet, but I'll not rest on my laurels. I constantly seek out ways to grow the podcast within the community, and expand the reach of the podcast to other gaming communities. Before the podcast, I had already done this with the website itself for over a decade. This thing we build together, our conversation and family within the larger gaming culture, is my passion. Ultimately, everything I do, all the support I receive, somehow finds its way back into feeding this passion, growing this community, and making everything we do better.

I started by creating a PBP site for Palladium Books' games (Explorers Unlimited), and some years ago added a PBP site for Pinnacle Entertainment Group's games (Savage Rifts), and recently started a PBP site for the Shadowrun franchise (Shadows Unlimited). I'm looking forward to adding value through this podcast to these communities, and supporting those communities in any way I can.

Game on!