Hello, everyone! I am Bryan Davis, author of several fantasy/science-fiction series for youth and adults. My best-known series is Dragons in our Midst, which debuted in 2004. Now, more than 30 novels later, my newest is the Oculus Gate series, beginning with Heaven Came Down.

I don't have a monthly subscription to offer, but for those who contribute I will post the latest updates before they go public, such as cover reveals (including rejected covers), sample chapters, contract announcements, and the like.

Those who contribute at the two highest tiers will receive free books as they come out, and long-term contributors at the highest level will get a free author visit for their group.

Also, all who contribute will receive a pdf version of Maiden Flight, a "lost chapter" from Eye of the Oracle, featuring Bonnie Silver's first attempts at flying with her dragon wings.

If you want to learn more about my books and author philosophy, watch the welcome video, featuring narration from my incomparable wife, Susie.