In this BRAND NEW saga of the Total Disclosure podcast, we dive into the Lolita Express flight logs. It’s time to dissect every name on that list and add more context to it. From their associations to their crimes and legal issues, the aim is to clear any doubt that these people are innocent. If they ave sex crimes in the United States, odds are they did way worse at Little St. James. How many coincidences are too much?

Many unspeakable things happened at Little St. James that the media won’t mention. Genetic engineering trials, mind control experiments, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and child sacrifice – To name a few. Jeffrey Epstein not only provided victims on every property he owned but planes as well. The Lolita Express flight logs comprise of official records of those who flew with the serial pedophile. As names become public, I will include them on new episodes.

ON THIS DELIVERY: Adam Perry Lang and wife Fleur, Akon, Alan Dershowitz, Alberto Pinto, and Alec Baldwin. Alyssa Rogers (Milano), Anderson Cooper, Andrea Mitrovich (Stowell), Andres Pastrana, Anthony Kiedis, Audrey Raimbault, and Barack Obama. Ben Affleck and brother Casey, Beyonce Knowles, Bill Hammond, Bill Murray, Karen Casey, Casey Wasserman, Charlie Sheen, and Chelsea Handler. Chris Tucker, Chrissy Teigan, Cindy Lopez, and Bill Clinton.