Welcome to Paineful Memes! Sarcasm, mockery and savagery are my main languages. 
He who dares not offend cannot be honest.
–Thomas Paine
My name is Trevor Cieran Thomas Paine – A 13th generation American and 6th generation Badger, I was born a stone's throw from the Wisconsin State Capitol (Madison, WI) in the year of Orwell.
I'd best describe myself as a nonpartisan, independent centrist; a Bull Moose/Camelot progressive patriot in a lifelong fight against the Deep State and their Mockingbird Media puppets. Until the era of Donald J. Trump, both parties were wholly corrupted by the Bush and Clinton cancers and utterly unpalatable; we're currently witnessing the establishment of a new Seventh Party System in American politics that will dominate the landscape for decades to come. 
To borrow a phrase from JFK,
Splintering the Deep State into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind is not beyond our ability – it is our destiny.
–Trevor Cieran Thomas Paine

I joined SubscribeStar as it’s a proven free speech platform and I tend to push the comedic envelope. Dilley fans may remember me as Paineful Truths, or more likely, Gay Toaster. After having 6 accounts, ~20k followers and 3 years of writing content all nuked this year alone, I finally made the jump from part-time shitposter to full-fledged video memer, creating the kind of comedic content that Viacom would never allow on The Daily Show or Colbert Report.
Now I breathe fire through memes. 

With the China Lockdown finally hitting my state in late July and forcing me out of work, I began memeing full-time in August and will be working every single day from now until the election trying to get through my ever growing queue of meme ideas. My meme portfolio has already expanded greatly in just the last month; I know I'm not as technically skilled as some others, but I've come a long way this year and like to think I produce some excellent memes now that often get shared by legends like Sol and Mad Liberals. 
Television advertising is dead – memes are the new campaign ad. 

Some memes are short and only take an hour or two to make while some epics take 20-40 hours or more, though most take 4-8 hours from pre-production to finish (and I'm getting faster as I learn more about Adobe software and video editing processes).

Memes will always be freely released on Twitter at @PainefulMemes (or whatever platform Trump is on in the future) for as long as I'm able to respawn there. Early Access and other possible incentives will be available here on SubscribeStar but I'll try not to get too spammy.

My goal is to compile my memes and other political entertainment into a weekly variety show to challenge the corporate media echo chamber. If you like my content thus far and want to help me continue my pirate crusade against Mockingbird Media by making the transition to full time independent media production, please consider subscribing.

Thanks, and keep on keking!
"Paineful Memes is a savage!"  –Brenden Dilley, 8/26/2020 episode of #TheDilleyShow.
"Meme Master Paine"  Adam Baldwin, the Hero of Canton
"The Savage Memer" –Sol Memes
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