Welcome to my SubscribeStar page!

Firstly, thank you for even checking this out! :)

Now, the reasoning behind making a SubscribeStar page is simple, the constant changes in YouTube policies have led to complete removal of my channel from YouTube Partner Program.

What that means is that I no longer can earn any money from YouTube (aside from what is collected via YouTube Premium streams, which comes up to less than 1 USD per month).

Having that happen to my channel is undoubtedly quite demotivating and sad, however they still haven't taken what I have left - that is you, the viewer, subscriber, a fan.

This new policy has hit my channel over 7 months ago now, back on November 30th of 2018. Since November 30th of 2018 my revenue in total is 6.74 USD, that clearly does not cover the expenses that are related to the channel, currently even something as simple as buying songs is being covered entirely out of my own pocket as YouTube income/revenue covers none of that, and being a full-time student, getting a part time job is quite difficult, especially in a country like one I live at :).

Therefore in hopes of at a least minimizing blow to my own pockets when it comes to expenses I ask you, the fans to help me out on this one :).

I've made a couple of tiers, hopefully you can support me with any of them, as clearly even as low of a subscription tier as 1$ is more of a support than I would get off YouTube collectively from over 120,000 views a month monetarily.