Starting this week, Team Frog Studios is launching a new way to get content from us, and you are invited to join! Team Frog Studios Secret Workshop members will receive new characters, new stats, and new scenarios every month. Plus, You'll also get sneak peeks at new minigames, new big projects, chances to playtest never before seen designs, and even be forced to read my attempts at fiction! As it stands, the plan is to have just *one* tier, at $2.99 per month, to get access to all this great stuff! PLUS, everyone that signs up gets a FREE copy of "Super-Powered Miniatures Combat" (a $10 value)*, which contains the ECS system, which is the basis of many of our upcoming releases! 

Join today!

*If you've already purchased those rules, let me know and we'll get you a copy of something else...but keep SPMC handy, you'll need it!