A New Expanding Universe

By M. S. Arthadian

    Born from the devastation of war, sparked by the pursuit of retribution, a new path of existence emerged. Entities of universal power fought to protect against an existential threat by converging into a cluster that has now stood for over 15 millennia. Expanding across the Planar Unity, this megaverse is where you will be venturing to in the Reborn in Power Tabletop Roleplaying Game!
The CORE: Conglomerate of Regal Entities Map

    In the 7 Realms of the CORE, you will find yourself able to explore countless worlds, encounter ancient and/or advanced civilizations, and become a true Chosen! Expand your knowledge of the energies lurking within you or enhance your physical form to lay waste upon your foes. Or do both! Reborn in Power is a game where you determine your path to power!

    As humanity approaches the end of one of its most chaotic years yet, it is prudent that we are able to escape to our imaginations and be in control of our own destiny. So that one day when reality comes kicking down our door we have the courage and mentality to stand up and choose our path! The path to true power! The path to freedom!

    Therefore, by January of 2021, my goal is to have this New Expanding Universe in your hands to explore, to grow, and to expand further than anything that came before! Until then, be safe, stay safe, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power...