Pity The First Black (TV Show) Bachelor - As the Black Ladies Scream AT Him!

Oh my dear god!  I do pity Matt James, the first Black Bachelor on the (ABC) television show "The Bachelor" in 2020.  He is a doomed fellow and mainly from Black Women.  ABC has stuck their foot in it and if they are not careful, this will blow up in their faces.  Black Women will burn ABC to the ground!
Let's look at the situation:  In the past, the Bachelor has been White.  As you know, around 20 ladies are present to the Bachelor (or Bachelorette meets 20 some men when it's the woman's turn).  Through a series of dates, adventures and conversations, the Bachelor slowly trims down the number of women he's compatible with until he's left with a single woman whom he asks to be his girlfriend.  She then has the option of accepting or rejecting his offer.
Sometimes, if she rejects him she is offered the Bachelorette role in the next season.  So he may lose if he pledges his love for her, but many times it's win-win for her:  Love or become a star for a season.
However, it was recently pointed out that over 20 some seasons, there has never been a Black Bachelor.  Before you tsk-tsk-tsk at racist White America, you should know that as recently as 2018, the LOUDEST screams about the choices of Black men as to whom they want to date come from ... TADA! BLACK WOMEN!
No, I'm serious!  It is littered throughout TV shows and ESPECIALLY Black oriented TV shows.
Examples (from memory):
TV Show "Roc" (Fox TV, 1991-1994) S2E20:  The younger Black brother of Roc begins dating a White woman.  Now this was a respectable show deserving a larger audience than it received.  The writing was good, the subjects were honest and the overall aspect of the show was pretty good UNTIL I saw S2E20 -- The episode when Joey, the younger Black brother started dating a White woman.
Until that episode, Roc's, the older Black brother, wife (a Black Woman) was all about how bad racism was and how Black people never get a chance and all sorts of stuff like that.
But when Joey brought home a White woman, she shat a brick!  Screaming up and down the episode about how he was disrespecting his race, how she shouldn't be dating a WHITE women when there were plenty of "Black Sisters" in need of a Black man in their lives and other such B.S. as that.  She thought it was absolutely HORRIBLE that Joey would consider the White woman.
After that episode the show lost its appeal and the ratings REALLY began to slide.  Slowly a fine show sank beneath the water of "acceptable racism" when it came from a Black Woman.
Um, no;   it's not acceptable.
The funny part, for me, is in the episode, the White woman expected Joey to do things like hold the door open for her and treat her nicely and such, but in return she was constantly kind and considerate of him.  She compliments him on his trumpet playing and verbally recognized all his great qualities.
When the family finally convinces him to give his ex-girl friend (Black) another chance, she said "I don't need no one to open the door for me." Then she proceeded to tear down Joey with one insult after another.
I'm sitting there in shock:  Date the White woman who makes you feel good, or date the Black shrew who is constantly trying to make you feel bad.
Shit, screw the Black Woman!  I'd rather be happy than insulted all the time if all it cost me was opening the door for her and being nice in return.
But the Black wife on the series of anti-bigotry felt exempt from all the beliefs of the show when it came to Black men dating White women.

Another example is the "Bernie Mac Show" (Fox TV, 1991-1994) S3E5: The young male nephew takes the rite of passage for all Black men:  The neighborhood barber shop.  (Don't ask.)  During his trip to becoming a true black man, the nephew is given all the learned wisdom of the other Blacks at the show and reveals what he knows to his (Black) aunt and sister(s).  One of these gems is (paraphrased):  "The first two things a Black man gets after signing to play in the NBA is an Eldorado (car) and white woman!"
Well, the aunt goes through the roof!  Not on getting a fine woman but a fine WHITE woman!  No, no, no!  There are PLENTY of fine BLACK Women.  What do you want with a White woman?? Stay true to your race!

Final example, two different episodes of "Black-Ish", (ABC TV, 2014-2020 and beyond) S3E8 and S3E19 (I think).

In S3E8 the oldest Black son starts dating a White woman.  In this episode the half-Black mother has issues with the three-quarters Black son dating outside his race.

In the second episode, S3E19, the elder women STRONGLY object to seeing a scornful looking Black Woman changed into a White woman by a bottle of booze being poured over her.  It wasn't that the scornful woman became a fun woman, it was that the Black Woman became a White woman.

So let's look at pile of crap ABC has stepped in during the coming season of "Bachelor."

In past episodes of Bachelor, there have been Black ladies to choose from.  For "some reason" a White man choosing a Black woman is not an issue.  So when or if the Bachelor found himself being pulled toward a Black woman, no one was upset.

So let's assume the Black Bachelor will have some White women among the choices.

Heaven help him if he feels a pull toward a White woman and prepare for riots if he actually chooses the White woman.  All of this will play out onscreen, so the pull and final choice will ring true or false in front of all of America to see.

The Whites, many of them, will probably cheer.  But if past Black shows are any guide, the Black man being attracted to or choosing the White woman will be seen as a "race traitor!" and possibly (mostly) by Black Women.

Imagine Black Women rising up, claiming that "once again the pretty White woman has stolen the prime Black man from his race and the Black Women who need him."

Who cares how he feels?  What matters, these women will scream, is that he remains true to his race!

So suppose he purposely chooses a Black woman when he seems to be getting along with the White woman more.  Then the whole show will ring false and all viewers will abandon the show.

Then there's a worse aspect:  For better or for worse, Blacks only make up 12% of Americans.  While it may prove interesting for a while, if you eliminate any White women too early, you risk turning this season into a "Black Show."  At 12%, if this becomes known as a “Black Show” it may not generate the ratings needed for a prime time show on a major network.

Yeah.  This season has a mighty fine link to walk and if it tilts in any direction, it could be in for a disastrous finish.

What is the best solution?  Turn it into a Black Show from the start.  Have the Bachelor quest after only Black women.  This way, the only thing they need to do is keep it interesting.  Racist shouts and feelings of race betrayal are avoided.  The ratings will depend on the entertainment value of watching Blacks dance the mating game.

Oh well.  The start of the season will reveal what to expect for the finish.  Will Black women feel betrayed or will viewers?  Will they run it as a Black show and keep their fingers crossed.

Huh.  This could be interesting after all.

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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