So Chessi's newest sketch just got approval, and we have the other half of the playable species on the way! From left to right, we have a Human, Ferax, Caragh and a Dragon. Of course, the Dragonness isn't too happy with the jerk who spilled her drink, and the Caragh probably doesn't honestly need a drink bigger than his own head, but hey, why let that get in the way of anything.

Given the past timeframe, it'll probably be about a week to a week and a half for the finalized version to be done, so look for it soon!

In the meantime, yes, I'm actually still working on the next patch. ...Being in actual play testing keeps bringing up more and more stuff I need to fix "immediately" and then I don't want to release a new version until I've fixed the stuff that needs to be done ASAP aaaand yeah, so I keep piling on more work for myself. I'm good at that. I should seriously just release what I have but at this point it's taken so long I feel an obligation to have everything done so... yeah, I'm being stupid on this. Just bare with me.

Given the next play test is tomorrow, I expect to pile on even more of a workload for myself after that, too.

So yeah, anyway, enjoy the art, I'll finish patching the next version soon(ish)!