If there is one thing I really liked about the remake is how Claire felt as a person. I loved the original, but she just seemed to perfect/motherly right off the bat, ya know? This version of Claire? She sees how fucked up Sherry's relationship was with  Annette and is just done with watching it happen.
I like to imagine it's because Claire can't imagine what a mother would be like who was so distant, unless she were dead. 
And then, being a mother myself, I can totally see the dilemma Annette was in. To save just your daughter or to try and stop your monster husband from spreading even more disease? 
The scene where Annette said goodbye to Sherry over the surveillance camera was pretty sad and really made me feel for Sherry. 
Its like, she just accepted that she wasn't as important to her mother as everything else, and its that dynamic that she grew up with. Poor. Kid.
She totally deserves a puppy.