I have a magical life.  

No, I don't mean I have a wondrous life that seems magical at times, I mean that I have a life which involves magical beings, creatures, circumstances and even artifacts.
I am reminded of this today because of a recent event.  I have quite a few magical items.  I have an extremely heavy statue that I named Humphrey because he has an "H" carved into his base.  (See picture.)  Before I found him at the bottom of an elevator shaft, he'd been used in college "spelling" events.  I know this because he has candle wax covering his head.
Now some of you may point out you've seen this figure in stores and garden shops, and I will admit I've spotted his cousins from time to time as well, but mine is unique in a couple of ways:  First he is VERY heavy.  When I first picked up one of the copies of him found "elsewhere" I was surprised at how light it was compared to Humphrey.
The second special aspect is that when you asked Humphrey a question, if he seems to smile in response, then the answer is "Yes;" if he seems to frown the answer is "No".  He's sort of like a limited "Magic Eight Ball" (which has a multitude of ways of answering Yes or No question), Humphrey answers questions by smiling or frowning, "Yes" or "No."
While the smile and frowning are very, very subtle, I've had people ask Humphrey a question and then back away shocked because they SWORE he either just smiled or frowned at them.
Unfortunately Humphrey will get tired of answering your questions and eventually stop responding , remaining stone-still.
I have discussed elsewhere how I loan out some of the unused or underused rooms of my house.  My view is "why keep the rooms here if I'm not really going to use it?"  So, as discussed in another post, I allow my spare room to be used by people elsewhich who might need a spare room but don't really want the hassle of creating one.
I use the word elsewhich because I'm sure the room goes elsewhere I'm not sure if it maintains the same elsewhen of my current home.  For all I know, when it disappears for a few weeks, it could be spending YEARS and YEARS elsewhen and then coming back as needed.
I do know that whichever it goes to generally has the same atmosphere and conditions as my current home.  I know this because it has never returned destroyed or altered by exposure to starkly different environments.
What had me thinking about this is because I have a Medicine Bag.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Injun lore, medicine bags are small bags that you place items of power in.  Or items with special meanings to you.  Or just lucky tokens.
The bags themselves are small and indistinct.  Mine is about 2 inches tall and an inch or so wide.
Whatever you put into the bag is up to you, but you VERY RARELY open the bag.  You carry it with you at all times so it's magic can influence your life but sometimes you lose track of what you Medicine Bag contains.
However it is an EXTREMELY (for me) religious item and it NOT to be opened under any most normal circumstances.  You can X-ray mine, scan it, have a drug detecting dog sniff it, but you must NEVER open it!
Now I will admit I opened mine in the last 10 years.  A few years ago, the previous bag was becoming a raged mess and seams were starting to pop.  So I went to a CLEAN MAGIC or White Light Magic shop -- they deal in herbs, crystals and Good Magic and Holy items -- and got a new bag.  Then I carefully transferred the items over and recorded what each item in the bag was.  Somewhere in my collection of data is a write-up of what's in my medicine bag.
In addition to the (Good) magical influence it gives my life, like seasoning to a steak, it is very handy when dealing with those who doubt my Injun ancestry.  Few are the American Indians or people arguing such people who can respond to me when I state that not only do I have Indian Ancestry in my genes, but I bet my medicine bag is older than theirs!  A lot of people, including Injuns, don't take such aspects seriously.
But most people familiar with American Indian lore, ancestry and references know how sacred such things are and if you have one, especially one you've been carrying for over 20 years, then you are what you say you are.
The thing is, like most of my magical items, it disappears from time to time.  When it is around, it travels with me everywhere.  It s transferred from pants to pants and never ever leaves my possession ... unless it does.
Like my spare bedroom, and many other magical items I possess, occasionally my medicine bag just simply vanishes.  Where and when it goes to I couldn't begin to guess, but I'm imbued a lot of my special items with enough magical aspect to make them somewhat sentient and self-aware.  Being magically based, they sometimes fold time-space and go, as noted before, elsewhich.
Except that, being a medicine bag, it doesn't need to maintain itself for where it wanders.  So for all I know, it may go elsewhat.  Not only some other place or some other time not, some other totally bending of reality location where it spends time doing things incomprehensible and uncomprehensible to my (semi) human mind and perspectives.
However, like a roaming, mildly feral dog, eventually it finds its way back to me and I will return it to its function of being with me always and adding a little, good magic -- White Lighter, Good -- to my existence.
Last night I found it sitting on my desk after being missing-in-action for several months.
I can't help but wonder what its return might indicate is coming up in my life.  Whatever is coming, I hope the return of this positive influence upon my life will aid me while it does.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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