I actually had a hard time trying to justify this page. Originally this comic was gonna be set at night during the Respite illustration, therefore Claire reaching over to touch Leon would have been more justified since it was dark and maybe crickets were all loud and she couldn't hear him breathe. But then in my art file I didn't have all my night time colored layers on and I liked the flats I had, so I got lazy. lol

So then I just thought "Why not make Claire have a mini panic attack thinking Leon was actually dead?" Well, yah. Here it is.

There was also a point where I was thinking how to do the heartbeat, just doing the typical comic book "thump thump" sfx didn't fit right. So then came the game UI idea of the heartbeat line from the game. Does it work? What do you think?

P.S. I feel no shame in how these pages are mostly drawing sexy Leon mouth. Sue me.