Now, I know what you're thinking. "CLAIRE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING AGHHHH!?!"
Ok, now hear me out. Claire is a badass, we all know this. But one thing that always got me is how Claire is this badass college kid who is a biker and packing heat. Like, I dunno if thats just something cool the Japanese developers thought was a normal thing here in the states, but it is not at all a NORMAL thing. And therefore, Claire is FAR from a normal person and she's wayyyy more than Chris' little sister who "Couldn't believe the stuff my brother showed me would come in handy" type of chick. I mean, how could Chris have showed Claire a bunch of badass things when he was supposedly out in the Air Force?
I have a lot of ideas about her backstory that I think, especially with the remake, help develop her character. She's someone with big dick energy that does what needs to get done who doesn't always think thing through. Redfield hot headedness and all. And, well, you don't get that way with an easy pare the course life.  
You better believe she'd do what needs getting done if its gonna protect her and Sherry, even if that means blowing off Leon's head if he was gonna become a zombie threat.