First page for Another Dawn- RE2 Fancomic that I’ve been working on for the better part of a month.

I’ve been a fan of Resident Evil since 1998 when I first got a playstation and played the original RE2. To state the impact that game had on me as a 13 year old is probably just repetitive at this point since my staying in love with the series this long is proof enough. 

I fell in love with Claire and Leon when I was kid, having vivid dreams of surviving Raccoon City with them (one was us escaping a big explosion while on motorcycles. It was awesome.) So ever since then I’ve giddily awaited another installment with them as the main protagonists, playing every game and watching every movie I could afford and have time for. 

But a couple of things always got me mad and thats how they separated and how Sherry is treated like a super small kid.

Like, hell no, Claire would not just “leave them in the wilderness to look for her brother” and Sherry is a super brave and smart pre-teen girl who OBVIOUSLY knows shits up and gone sideways.

I always suspected the events that led to their separation would be intense, filled with drama and excruciating circumstances. There are tons of fanfictions and drawings out there that people have done for this part in their lives that have been a wonderful flash to my past of being a teenage girl getting stupid giddy over video game characters. 

Well, now I’m a 30 something grown ass woman, and still getting stupid giddy over video game characters. Only now, I got the skills to back up the passion.

Its gonna be slowly released as I’m a working professional and mother to a rambunctious toddler, so bare with me. 

I hope you enjoy my take on the Post Raccoon City incident. Thank you for reading.