Hello SubscribeStar!

glitteronin here! sorry for the delayed start on posts, but I think I can mark today as the proper start of my page here! thank you so much already to my supporters who have already begun their pledges - your help and support mean the world to me!

In order to keep up the same benefits as in my Patreon page - namely, access to all past supporter-only posts, I'll be gathering up old posts by their type (process gifs, illustration wips, animation wips) and posting them for supporters through out today and probably a couple more days!

Meanwhile, do tell me if you would prefer me to keep posts as important and private content only, or if you would like me to post all the art I produce on here. There was already a firm preference on Patreon, but I want to please you to the desire you have!

Pic is the latest reward for my +20 pledging supporters, since a halfbody sketch has been added to their reward options!