You guys don't understand! -- This is a Chinese Military experiment gone wrong.

You guys don't understand!  This virus is a military experiment gone wrong.
The Chinese Military is in trouble.  They keep having failure after failure after failure!  They are looking for a success.  They would love to deliver Hong Kong to the Leadership but they can't.
Gone are the days when they could gather peasants from rice paddies, give them pretend guns and no bullets and send them into to absorb the first shots of any invasions or attacks.
Do you know what the Military used to do?  Back in the 1940's, 1950's, 60's, the early days.  They used to roll trucks into villages, gather peasants from fields -- stupid, stupid peasants -- from fields and give them old rifles,  Some of these rifles fell apart WHILE THEY WERE BEING HELD!  A few times the Military leaders tried to give them wooden, fake rifles but the peasants knew that rifles had to have moving parts.
Then they would line up the peasants in the jungles and beat or shoot at them to attack the Americans or whoever they were fighting against.  The people being attacked would waste eighty-percent of their ammo on these people in the first waves.  Once most of the ammo had been exhausted, the real troops WITH REAL WEAPONS would move in.
Sometimes the military leaders would send in these first waves with limited or no bullets at all.
You would not believe some of the stories my demonic associates* would tell me.  They would watch these battles laughing themselves silly.  Some of the smarter peasants were shown desperately clawing at the bodies of their fallen comrades, those who had been killed, desperately searching pockets and supplies for one God Damned bullet!  "JUST ONE DAMNED BULLET!  PLEASE DEAR GOD!  LET ME FIND JUST ONE BULLET FOR MY GUN!"
Unfortunately, the Chinese government had killed all the Chinese gods.  All that was left was the government as god that god was currently killing them.
*In case you were wondering, my Angelic associates, if they talk about these events, talk about comforting as many of these peasants as they can.
THIS, dear friends, is why some of the first rushing waves of Chinese attackers would rush the American troops so violently.  If they could JUST REACH the American lines, maybe they could grab a REAL gun, figure out how to use it and kill someone before they died.
But they never made it.  Even without bullets, the American soldiers were better trained than the Chinese pheasant.  It was only through sheer numbers that the first waves would get through.  By then there was little time for anyone who made it that far to grab a working rifle and hope there were bullets in it to use.
The battle fields would run red with the blood of men who, two or three weeks before, had been happily tending crops back in their village.
Look at the records.  The people responding to the virus outbreak are from the Military, NOT from the Government branch of the CCP.  They, the Military, needed a success. 
So they decided to play God … again.  This time they tried playing god with viruses.  When it went sideways they couldn't let the Government side no how badly it had failed.
Sadly, the virus hadn't failed.  It was more powerful than they imagined.  It spread faster than predicted.  Their response made it worse.
Just like in the old days, they chose ignorant peasants in a food market place as the bodies to experiment on.  But this time the people saw that getting sick meant the Military would appear and then you "disappeared" -- forever.  These days, Chinese KNOW what it means people start "disappearing."
So anyone getting sick, ran!  RAN! As fast and as far as they could, they ran!  Sometimes they would hide in plain site.  Then, once they had gotten as far as they could, they began coughing.
And coughing.
And coughing.
Eventually they HAD to check into a hospital.
Where they coughed some more.
Some lived:  The strongest.  The most fit.  The ones who had enough money to pay for the extra "free medical care" they needed to survive.
Some lived.
But many died.
In their wake they left behind the virus, spreading it to others.
By the time the Military showed up to make people disappear, the virus was spread wide.  The Military couldn't collect them all!  THIS is why they began SEALING the sick in their houses!  Welding doors shut, putting bars on their windows to prevent the sick from getting out.
The Military couldn't allow ANOTHER failure!  They are already facing HUGE internal pressures from the Government side of the leadership.
Those old days of killing off people without consequence are gone.
Speaking of which:  Remember when I wrote of my associate demons laughing themselves silly at the smart peasants searching their fallen comrades for just a single working bullet?
Well, that was for the first dozens or so times it happened.  When you see the desperation of the first few, for the first few moments, my demonic associates cheered and laughed and made rude comments.
But after the twentieth time?  The fortieth?  The hundredth time?  Eventually all the jokes, the joking and the comments get stale.
Eventually, even demons get tired of the hopelessness, of the pleas, of the slaughter.
Don't get me wrong.  Some demons FEED on this stuff!  In their business, in their chosen profession, they will go far.
But most demons are more like garbage men.  They corrupt, they harvest, they enjoy a good haul just like anyone cleaning out a trashed filled world would.
But honestly?  Sometimes they can't stand the smell any more than most garbage men can.
Lacking any God to answer to the Chinese Military prove that when you have no god you have no compassion.
And the CPP is no god.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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