Happy Bullsh*t Day

I think the funniest thing is the number of employees I keep encountering who are "obeying the instructions" but not in the manner it was intended. Oh, they are "wearing" their masks, but not really in the way expected. In addition to this, when they spot me (and practically everyone else not wearing a stupid mask) we exchange these glances that seem to say, "Happy bullsh*t day" to which my glance replies, "Happy bullsh*t day. Still at it, eh?" Final reply, in the glance, "Hey! I'm wearing a f*cking bullsh*t mask, aren't I?" And I laugh a little and keep moving. 
The areas of town I'm in are a bit more realistic than other people's. They seem to know this is all just a bunch of bullsh*t they are being forced to follow.
Fucking Governor DeWine.