Tuesday Work Stream! 06.05. (Stream 60. of 2020) Overdoing it.

Having it overdone over the last 59 streams I have to overthink things.
I still work on my comic every day AND I will record that process and upload them as timelapses.

Streaming the process for 8 hours drives me to work basically with few breaks.
It also makes me look at the viewers counts (which is always very low considering the mater of the stream, gradual progress on a comic, though every viewer is greatly appreciated) and entertaining people instead pushing the art forward.

Doing this nearly every day for 59 streams was me trying to show my motivation and resolution to work this project. This resolution has not stopped.

However decided I will only stream about three days a week and report on the process once a week to benefit from the freedom of working independently and taking the pace in a healthier way.

And with that I start todays Stream.

The whole comic is now on Webtoons!


I stream my work process Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


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