Ch 1: 16 years after

Ch 2: Following Shadows

Ch 3: Dances, Music and Mayhem

Ch 4A: Burning Witches and Moving Shadows

Ch 4B: Burning Witches and Moving Shadows

Ch 5A: Dancing with Shadows

Ch 5B: Dancing with Shadows

Ch 6A: Drunk History Lessons

Ch 6B: Drunk History Lessons

Ch 7: The Loving and Unloving Father

Ch 8: Like Father Like Son

Ch 9: Death be with You

Ch 10: Cures and Salves to those in Need

Ch 11: Souls for Demons in Need

Ch 12: Source of Life for the Hungry

Ch 13: Prayer to the Dead

Ch 14: Ferry to the Dead

Ch 15: Game of Thrones

Ch 16: Gathering of the Merry

Ch 17: Songs to the Departed

Ch 18: Idle Hands and Devil Playthings

Ch 19: Furies of the Old and Unseen

Ch 20: Hope of Hopeless Romantics

Ch 21: Dead Women Don’t Talk

Ch 22: Bad Boys and Rewards

Ch 23: Summonings to the Dead

Ch 24: Mourning the Dead

Ch 25: Flesh Eaters, Servants and Death

Ch 26: Prayers of the Dead and the Living

Ch 27: Burning the Midnight Oil

Ch 28 Rise of Warriors

Ch 29: Code of Death

Ch 30: Calm Before the Storm

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