William dreams of wielding magic. With a father who raises the dead, he knows he can be a great magician. Except his dad would rather put his fist on his face, than ever teach him anything. It was not until a close call with Death, that his father shows pity and curiosity to his dream. He urges him to study under Death. He happily agrees, seeks Death out, and wins his trust.

But life as Death's apprentice isn't all about strewing flesh and painting blood marks. It is about being a soldier of war against demons and being hunted by exorcists. As William survives these dangers, he discovers purpose and the true reason for his father's momentary sympathy. The discovery forces William to either become the great magician who saves the people or the one that casts death upon all.

Set in the 1500's, TRANSFERENCE is a coming-of-age fantasy about a boy, who dreamed of light, but was destined to be of darkness. The book depicts struggles of youth, love, self-discovery and life, but mostly death.

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural
Status: Final Editing. Releasing Chapter by Chapter
Tags: Male Protagonist, Necromancy, Demons, Ghosts, Magical Artifacts, Magical Races

Chapter Selections Released:


Ch 1: 16 years after

More Chapters

Ch 2: Following Shadows

Ch 3: Dances, Music and Mayhem

Ch 4A: Burning Witches and Moving Shadows

Ch 4B: Burning Witches and Moving Shadows

Ch 5A: Dancing with Shadows

Ch 5B: Dancing with Shadows

Ch 6A: Drunk History Lessons

Ch 6B: Drunk History Lessons

Ch 7: The Loving and Unloving Father

Ch 8: Like Father Like Son

Ch 9: Death be with You

Ch 10: Cures and Salves to those in Need

Ch 11: Souls for Demons in Need

Ch 12: Source of Life for the Hungry

Ch 13: Prayer to the Dead

Ch 14: Ferry to the Dead

Ch 15: Game of Thrones

Ch 16: Gathering of the Merry

Ch 17: Songs to the Departed

Ch 18: Idle Hands and Devil Playthings

Ch 19: Furies of the Old and Unseen

Ch 20: Hope of Hopeless Romantics

Ch 21: Dead Women Don’t Talk

Ch 22: Bad Boys and Rewards

Ch 23: Summonings to the Dead

Ch 24: Mourning the Dead

Ch 25: Flesh Eaters, Servants and Death

Ch 26: Prayers of the Dead and the Living

Ch 27: Burning the Midnight Oil

Ch 28: Rise of Warriors

Ch 29: Code of Death

Ch 30: Calm Before the Storm

My Perfect Killer Boyfriend

Snow is the most popular girl in one of the best private schools in the world. Her incomparable looks and above average IQ enslaves the boys' hearts and fires all the girls' envy. But beneath her perfect pretense, hides an insufferable and rude overachiever with ill-manners and one goal in mind. Be the top of her class.

However, Andrei is currently holding that position. His charming personality, intellect and athletic physique solidifies his rule. But beneath his god-like exterior, he hides a dark secret that would make him kill any who finds out.

Desperate for any kink in his armor, Snow hatches a plan to break Andrei's rule. Only to find that he has been in love with her since freshman year. Considering the road to love or the pursuit of academics, she must decide the path her future must take. But a chance discovery of Andrei's secret may put her goals into further distances and confusing turns for the worse.

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Status: Releasing Chapter by Chapter
Tags: Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Slice of Life, Teen, Funny & Crazy Lead

Chapter Selections Released:

Chapter 1: My Perfect Life
Chapter 2: My Council Life

More Chapters

Chapter 3: A Perfect Match

Chapter 4: Contrary to Popular Opinion

Chapter 5: My Imperfect Friend

Chapter 6: Surprise Attack

Chapter 7: My So Called Friends

Chapter 8: Battle for Academics

Chapter 9: Battle for Academics 2

Chapter 10: Introspection

Chapter 11: My Need for Caffeine


A collection of writings inspired by photos

7 Women

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