Social Distancing Kills

Don't ask me to source this.  The people I got this from say the origins come from a time before studies when people like Gregor Mendel* used to make observations.  It comes from when the connection between milkmaids, cowpox and smallpox** resistance was first being noticed.
Way back when, someone combed through church birth, attendance and death records and discovered something interesting:  People who attended church regularly lived longer and survived the various plagues better than people who only showed up to churches in crisis.
Now the people doing this study were not looking at it from a religious view but rather a science one.  
In most church services even in this day and age the people in attendance shake the hands of everyone in the parish attending that day's service.  Whenever they gather, greetings are made and skin to skin contact happens.
They speculated that when a church person got and survived a new disease, when they would shook the hands of the others in church not only were the passing along the disease they had picked up but also the blueprint for the counter measures their body had developed to fight the disease.
When a person who survived and conquered a disease coughs, they not only pass along the disease but also the cure.  Like the cowpox the milkmaids experienced, or ANY inoculation, the lower dose of a handshake and proximity to a survivor enhances your survival chances.
My sources say this process is borne out by the office flues experienced in the current century.  One person in an office might get a disease that they then pass along to the rest of the office, but as they do not only does the office usually gets a lower form of the disease that doesn't quite strike as hard, they are also getting the anti-bodies developed to fight the disease.
The carrier is not only passing along the infection but directions for making the cure as well.
These thoughts are reinforced by the results of the actions of the Chinese Military.
It is thought that COVID-19 was a military experiment which went sideways.  However, instead of allowing the medical profession study and deal with the disease, the military treated it like a military secret and made people who were raising alarms about the disease shut up and disappear.  People were not being allowed to survive the disease, but rather were collected, isolated, studied and made to disappear after catching this military weapon.
So those first survivors who would have passed along the disease AS WELL as the blueprint for the cure were removed from the process and this allowed the China Virus a chance to expand further and faster than if they had treated it like a normal disease.  Treated as normal disease, those who survived would have spread the cure along with the disease.  Under the military's process of maintaining control over a military secret, this process was interrupted.
The meaning of all of this is that the social distancing recommendations the medical professionals have been recommending is the complete opposite of the actions we should have been taking.
We should have been treating it like a hard flu:  People get sick; some die, most survive.  The survivors pass along not only the disease but also the cure.
STOP SOCIAL DISTANCING IMMEDIATELY!  Doing so will put the brakes on the disease, supply cures and natural barriers and create more survivors than isolating people will.
* Gregor Mendel: Gregor Johann Mendel was a scientist, Augustinian friar and abbot of St. Thomas' Abbey in Brno, Margraviate of Moravia. Mendel was born in a German-speaking family in the Silesian part of the Austrian Empire and gained posthumous recognition as the founder of the modern science of genetics.  He observed the dominate and recessive traits of various types of peas and that when cross-breeding peas the dominate traits tended to overwhelm the recessive ones.
Later in 1950's, J.D. Watson (an American biologist) and F.H.C. Crick (a British Physicist) were working on their own experiments in this same direction with fruit flies; they were surprised to discover Mendel's observations along the same lines a century earlier.
** Milkmaids, cowpox and smallpox resistance: If you are not familiar with the legend, it goes like this:
It was observed that milkmaids never got smallpox.  Smallpox might sweep through a town or village, but the ladies milking the cows never seemed to get the disease.
Then it occurred to someone that cows got a disease similar to smallpox called cowpox.  The thought was that the milkmaids, by coming into contact with the cowpox daily, had developed immunity to small pox.
The legends say that it was upon these observations that the first smallpox vaccines were developed.
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