Mo. to Wednesday Progress Report from the 22nd of April 2020 (Stream 53. to 55.)
Above are the work times of the last three days. Today is 30 minutes shorter so i could make and post this report.

During the last three days i have first flat colored the Backgrounds and Foregrounds (Characters, Cable Cabin, Cable Arm) and then shaded the Backgrounds and then the Foregrounds. In page 14 i decided to first finish the page panel by panel but i felt that this took longer then first preparing all panels with flat low detailed coloring and then shading them.

Backgrounds and Foregrounds are separated into two different layers to prevent errors ruining to much work. It is also easier to correct and clean up smudges that have overstepped their line art if i can just erase them instead having to find the correct color. I first shade/light the backgrounds of all panels so that they have fitting lighting according to the progressing scene.
Lets say i make the background in a following panel a shade to light, that impacts the impression and choice of colors for the entire panel, something that would necessitate to repaint the whole panel if not noticed early on.

My greatest concern is still my work speed, always feeling that i need to become much faster. And i think i know what is a greatest culprit is that causes this. Often i make many more strokes then necessary. I waste a lot of time trying to place a stroke of color just perfect when it probably was already good as it can be like 5 strokes ago.

I think this is a matter of habit and getting rid of this bad habit will be my next greater goal.

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And with that 8 hours are done. If you are interested in the project, here are some social media things to click and follow the progress on:

I will be back.

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