I make furry drama videos on YouTube and BitChute. I also run a furry cringe channel on Telegram. In spite of insane losers getting me fired from my job (and subsequentially booted from my home), I endeavor to cover the more negative happenings within the furry community that others choose to ignore (and hopefully, along the way, create some entertaining content!). It's very much worth discussing. And it's funny.

By supporting me, you're showing others that the furry subculture consists of more than woke idiots that de-home people for not taking them seriously. Those who support me will get thanks in my videos, uncensored versions of my videos in full HD (when available), access to an exclusive chatroom, and access to two monthly movie nights with my friends and I (movie nights start in June). The second tier gets you access to a monthly game night that may become a YouTube video, and the third allows you to snoop more on my cringe teenage years (since I know a lot of you seem to enjoy that).

If you'd prefer to support me as a one-off, I also have a PayPal.

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