Monday Progress Report from the 13th of April (Stream 47. of 2020) 

Hydraulic Research

To create the above image i first had to research how exactly hydraulics work.

This is the as of yet unfinished arm for the Gondola/Cable Cart from page 14. It extends and puts pressure onto the cable via hydraulics. 

The lower wheels are fixed but the upper row can move for reasons i may be able to show tomorrow.
Various elements like cables, machine paneling and a second, thinner hydraulic piston, to stabilize the whole thing are next.

The comic on Imgur: 
PAGES 1 to 12: 
PAGE 13: 
PAGE 14: 

Deviantart Gallery of the comic: 

And with that 8 hours are done. 

If you are interested in the project, here are some social media things to click and follow the progress on: 

I will be back. 

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