Tuesday Work Stream! 07.04. (Stream 44. of 2020)

Hey, new day new work.  Today i will further work on Page 15s Lineart, easy as that. Up scaling the resolution means i can't just carry over Line art from the previous page. So no shortcuts in Page 15.

The other thing i will have to do today is contact the support on Mixer. They have all they need from me for monetization AND its marked as completed in all regards. However this doesn't get trough to from Microsofts Partner account to the Mixer account and their support only opens up at 3pm.

The comic on Imgur:
PAGES 1 to 12: https://imgur.com/gallery/EAv0h1P   
PAGE 13: https://imgur.com/gallery/9QCEred 
PAGE 14: https://imgur.com/gallery/cu0cvr0 

Deviantart Gallery of the comic: https://www.deviantart.com/felixader/gallery/70044254/makro-1-out-of-time 

I stream Monday to Saturday, for 8 hours. Because 8 hours make a workday.   


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