Greetings and welcome!

My name is Brian Cary, and I write fantasy adventure novels for smart people. For years, my friends and family have told me to use my imagination and abilities to write entertaining novels. Some people are just really bossy like that.

I’ve spent my whole life immersed in amusing, medieval and magic worlds including Tolkien, D&D, Conan, Harry Potter, dungeon crawler video games (lookin’ at you, Bard’s Tale!), Bruce Campbell movies, and more. I deeply love the genre. (Back nerds! Back!) Like you, I love stories that are epic, quirky, devious, and engaging with characters that are both fascinating and mysterious; therefore, I solemnly pledge never to win a Newbery award.

Instead, I’ve decided to bring my own fantasy world and unique style of story-telling to you. I would describe these stories as epic, high-fantasy, with just a wee bit of snark.

I’ve written an entertaining short novel called “The Wailing Willow’” and for a limited time, I’m giving it away for free! Click here to get The Wailing Willow, FREE! (Amazon, won't let you list a book for free, but it's still under 99¢)

While “The Wailing Willow” is a stand-alone story, it’s also the first part of a much grander and rewarding story called The Tomes of Brynjar – much like The Hobbit was a precursor to The Lord of the Rings. I’m writing The Tomes of Brynjar now, and will be releasing it in, you guessed it, tomes (or volumes). So much fun awaits, so many surprises in store!

Go on this journey with me, what could possibly go wrong? ;) Look at those superlative and admirable rewards, pick your favorite, and venture with me on this fun, entertaining odyssey. You can quit at any time, though I'll do my best to keep things interesting!

Thanks in advance for your support. If at some point you nearly choke on your hot beverage laughing at some part of my story, I’ve done my job. --Brian