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Political Juice
Here at Political Juice, I hope to give you some entertaining and informative videos covering a wide variety of political and other extraneous subjects of interest.
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Political Juice

Some people have requested an alternative means of donating to the channel other than Patreon, due to certain protests with the company's recent actions (understandable). SubscribeStar seems to be a suitable alternative for most people, for now at least.

However, one of the differences between SubscribeStar and Patreon that you must be aware of, is that SubscribeStar doesn't seem to have the option of allowing me to charge 'subscribers' on a 'per creation basis' as Patreon does. Rather, SubscribeStar seems to stick to a 'monthly only' basis for charging subscribers.

Now, I never opted for this means of charging people on Patreon this way because I knew that I could go months without ever uploading a video, and it never seemed right to me to be charging people for a month when I haven't uploaded anything on the channel.

So before you go and give patronage to me by means of SubscribeStar, make sure you understand that.

As I stated in Episode 6, if you're really in the mood to donate, but know that you really shouldn't because you could use that money to feed yourself instead, then please don't donate. You do not need to be donating to me if you're in financial dire straits.

However, if you happen to be incredibly affluent, so affluent that you can't even keep track of half the things you're paying for in your life, then feel free to donate on SubscribeStar on a "per monthly basis" and just sit back and relax, and forget about all your financial troubles.

Other than that, hopefully, this is a suitable alternative for those boycotting Patreon. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Juice Box

Receive occasional updates on the channel/production and some behind the scenes photos! Also receive a collective 'Juicebox Supporter Shoutout' in the Channel Supporter section of the end credits.

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Juice Bottle

Receive your name in the 'Channel Supporter' section of the end credits Next to your name will be the specific juice icon of your reward tier Receive all future videos a day in advance As well as all lesser rewards

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Juice Jug

Receive all future Political Juice videos a week in advance As well as all lesser rewards



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