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I am a bear who wanted to be a webnovelist for a long time. Now i am going to make it happen. I love to write science fiction, steampunk and somewhat medieval low fantasy fiction (comparable to legends and fables like for example King Arthur). If you subscribe to me you will help me and motivate me to become a better author. At the moment i am working on my first original creation: A Science Fiction Novel in the near future about the meeting between humans and aliens with an unexpected outcome. The novel is called "First Contact".
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Bear Clan Cub

Become a young member of the bear clan. Read my Posts on Subscribe Star and read a raw chapter in advance of it being published.

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Bear Clan Member

Memebers of this Tier will be able to participate in Polls regarding the story progress, faith of characters or other things i might let the audience decide. After finishing my first novels there might even be polls about which kind of bookproject to approach next. Subscribe and become a more active member of the clan!

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Hero of the Bear Clan

For this tier i will write a one time short story or a special chapter in my ongoing novel detailing a character or place of the novel you like to know more about. The story/chapter will be made public if it is part of my novels. Otherwise it will stay on plattform only for you and the other bearclan members to enjoy.



  • You shall receive my deep gratitude and will be able to read my posts
  • will be able to read a chapter in advance
  • on higher tiers you can take part in polls and request short stories or an extra chapters from me
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